Finding New Routes to the Big Blue








Still feeling a bit rusty from yesterdays partying  we took off on a little drive north to dip our toes or a bit more in the big blue. Along the greater part of the coast there are heaps of small little roads that lead to the ocean, you may have to trek some or go by 4WD to reach these amazing stretches of sand that covers the coast. We keep finding new places to enjoy the view of the turquoise water of the Indian Ocean. Today we headed down a ‘no through road’, walked up and down sandy 4WD tracks to finally reach this little spot. Unfortunately, Perth being the second windiest city on earth, today was not a very pleasant day at the beach unless you were in the mood for some free peeling. Nevertheless, the view is just amazing and it always makes us feel happy and very blessed to be in this wonderful place.

// Denise


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