Saturday Arvo Drinks




Sore, would be the best word to describe how we are feeling this Sunday morning. Yesterday was a blast though, so it is totally worth it. We started off with some ice cold drinks in the sun and went on to cooking and dancing around in our underwear until it hit nine thirty when we jumped in to our party gear and headed into the city. Determined to check out a new club we headed towards Capitol, we were however not very impressed and raced to the Court where we always have a great time. The good tunes that were playing at the Court kept us dancing until the guards had to push us out the doors. Not wanting the night to end we accompanied four delicious gay men to Connections, which keeps the doors open until 5am. We had an absolute fabulous time, and our legs and feet hurt from all the squatting and dancing that we engaged in on this rowdy first of February. Now were heading off to the beach! Over and Out.

// Denise


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