Blueberry Pie

What would life be without desserts?!


– Probably a very healthy and very boring life.. So why not try to combine desserts with a healthy lifestyle?

This blueberry pie is made of almond meal, butter, egg, sweetener and of course blueberries.  In case you are wondering why we are eating this sort of pie with heaps of whipped cream and calling it “healthy” is because we are eating according to the LCHF-diet, or at least trying too, to the extent possible.

The LCHF-diet (low carbohydrates & high fat) is more of a lifestyle that we have chosen to live than a diet. Basically, instead of counting calories or eating less than we should, we eat as much as we want as long as we minimise the intake of carbs. However, many people believe that LCHF is bad for you because of all the fat you eat but we are using the energy from the fat instead of using the energy from the carbs. When avoiding sugar and starches the blood sugar level stabilises and the levels of the fat storing hormone, insulin, drops. This allows for increase in fat burning and the LCHF food often leaves one feeling more satiated longer. This “diet” doesn’t suit everyone as with all sorts of diets or lifestyles. It is important to choose what’s best for you and your body. We believe in this lifestyle and hopefully you will too after you tried this awesome blueberry pie! 

Apart from minimising the carbs and enjoying some fat, we also try to make all our food from scratch with as natural ingredients as possible. And more importantly, if the goal is to slim, an active lifestyle is a must!

Psst. if you are curious about this little ‘food-style’ of ours and where to get information, have a scroll on this website: LCHF for beginners

// Amanda


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