I wanna just live right now…

I don’t wanna go to sleep, I wanna stay up all night, I wanna just screw around, I don’t wanna think about, What’s gonna be after this, I wanna just live right now… – Ke$ha

drinkiiiesJust when we thought we had gotten to old to party two days in a row we pull of a full-on crazy weekend, and are still feeling pretty fresh for a Sunday like this.

We started off Friday arvo with some fresh cocktails in the sun before we headed to Mulalloo Beach Hotel to dance the night away. Unfortunately, they close at midnight, which felt a bit early for us as we just started to crank it down on the dance floor around 11, so we rolled on to the infamous Dusk. Usually a last resort for the drunk and daring who don’t want the night to end. Hence, it is not the most charming place, but if it is late and you are in the area and the only thing you want to do is keep dancing, it does the trick. With a tasty kebab and sore feet we stumbled through the door about 3am.

On Saturday arvo, after a fairly goodnight sleep, we headed down to our beloved hardware store to wash our car, which was beyond dirty. Since we have the best bosses in the world, we could hang in the backyard listening to music while having a drink and soaping up our car. After helping the guys close up, we rolled home to chill in the backyard and get the BBQ going. Still in a funky mood we headed to a friend in Leederville, and then eventually ended up on the dance floor at the Hip-e Club. Another great evening dancing the night away and hitting the sack around 3 am.



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