If I get One Ray of Sunlight to Hold in My Hand..

It is winter here in Perth and DSCN5959
we sure can feel it. Even though we’re Swedish and should be used to the cold, we are freezing our buttocks off. It drops down to about 1 – 2 degrees and the chilly winds from the ocean head straight into your core. The apartments and houses here are constructed with an aim to keep the 45 degree heat out during summer, so during winter it is absolutely freezing inside. Fluffy slippers, gloves, and hot drinks are merely means for survival at this point. However, it is not all that bad, the sun is still shining and the sky is, more days than not, blue. It is suppose to the be rain season, and a few cozy but wild storms has passed by, and more is probably to come. But then there are days like these, when we can enjoy some morning sun in the brisk weather offered outside in our newly renovated front yard, which is then followed by some tanning in our backyard.. Like true Swedes, who try to soak up every ray of sunlight, ‘because you never know when it will shine again’… (This means that – you go out there, and you enjoy that bloody sun no matter how ‘farking’ freezing it is, you enjoy it, oh You Enjoy It, EEEENJOY IIIIIT !!)  


One Ray of Sunlight – Phantom Planet.


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