Champagne Breakfast









Champange Breafast

We began our Sunday morning with a Champagne Breakfast, which was delightfully enjoyed in the morning sun in our cosy front yard. A fabulous way to start the day before we were to meet up a few friends at the Perth Exhibition Center for the Food and Wine Festival. We usually drink Banrock’s Sparkling White Shiraz, which is absolutely delicious, and very price worthy, as it cost less than 10 bucks. However, we decided to enjoy a proper champagne, which is a commonly consumed by the ‘rich and the famous’, so we scraped together enough gold coins to buy a little bottle of Moét. To not get too tipsy too early we had some cottage cheese pancakes with fresh strawberries and whipped cream (al a LCHF) to accompany the bubbly. All in all we had an absolutely delicious and cosy Sunday morning at ‘Camp Sweden on the West Coast’ (as we call our little place here in Perth, WA)


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