Refreshing Winter Surf

AD Denise1 DanPanda


Yes I was probably a monkey of some sort in my previous life..


Amanda, on the other hand, pulls some neat swan like dance moves in a ballet fashion..


A sunny  Saturday morning with a decent swell is way to inviting to pass up on, even though it is just around 10 degrees. It was pretty messy and the currents were pretty strong, and it was quite windy, aaaand bloody farking freezing! But gosh was it fun! It felt so good to be out catching a few again, it has been quite awhile… The boards were awfully slippery (note to self: time to wax) and the waves were quite big; the pictures doesn’t really do it justice.. (and we are no pros, even though we might look it, but the monkey and the dancing swan have way to much fun to bother)  All in all we had a blast and are now enjoying some hot chocolate to heat up!


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