Calamari & Sangria in Freo

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Amanda is heading home to Sweden soon for a good three weeks, which is a long time a part for us two inseparable fools. We are both busy with work and keep walking past each other, even though we live together. So, when we had an arvo off on a sunny Monday we decided to head to Fremantle for some quality time, drinks and dinner. Splendid idea I must say!

We talked about everything from what the future may look like and hold in store for us, as well as what to eat for dinner. That ‘what to eat and where’ aspect, which we constantly stumble upon the few rare times we actually go out for dinner, was an occurring topic this lovely Monday too. We did however quickly come to the realisation that we should always order new unfamiliar things, that we haven’t tried or seldom eat, things that we may not be familiar with or able to cook ourselves. It is a bit silly actually, that one constantly tend to order food that one usually eats, possibly even at home, or cook oneself. I guess it is just a safe bet, ordering something that you know you are familiar with and that you know you’ll like. But why not just try something new hey, living on the edge a little! Hehe..

It’s a bit ironic actually how you can leave your home, travel the world and migrate to a new country. But at a restaurant, you constantly order the same old food because you’re worried you might make the wrong choice?


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