Dolphins & Blue Tongues


We woke up in a decent time this Saturday morning, and decided that we should head out for a walk or so before the storm arrives and leave us wet for a couple of days. We headed to the coast in our workout gear, with a power walk and maybe some squats in mind. However, in the car I (Denise) get a sudden burst of energy and the thought of a run hits me. I share this thought out loud, and the look of horror on Amanda’s face was just priceless. She seldom minds a run but she doesn’t like the sudden change of plans when it comes to such activities. Nonetheless, we set out on our 5k run, which we quickly regret as it has been a while since last time. Luckily we’re a pair of tough nuts, stubborn to the bone, so we drag ourselves the 5k and attempt on what probably looked like a pretty pathetic last 100m spurt. Very pleased with ourselves, we head home to feast on this delicious sallad and smoothie, after a pit stop at the bottleo to pick up some red wine for the night.


Ps. The title is inspired by what could have been a tragic accident for a blue tongue lizard, who almost got crushed by me, as I was too busy dragging my heavy exhausted body forward while looking at the dolphins. Poor guy.


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