Surabaya – Mt Bromo

Java, Indonesia 15-16 May 2015

Just an hour after we for the first time set a foot on the Indonesian island Java, we got lost on the streets of Surabaya.DSCN4424DSCN4479surabayaDSCN4465

With some help from locals we found our way out of this culture filled maze of tiny streets and homes in the city slum. We headed back to our hotel to devour our first Bintang and a proper Indonesian dish, while discussing the adventures ahead. First one being a hike through darkness to experience a stunning sunrise over an active vulcano.


 We put on our hiking gear, had a delicious Singapore Sling and off we went for a great adventure. It was a bumpy ride, it took us about 4 hours from Surabaya to Cemoro Lawang. We got out of the car around 2am to begin our three hours hike. It was pitch dark and bloody freezing! We powered away and began our ascend towards the viewpoint. It started off with a descent pathway but soon it became a ridiculous steep climbing route. At one point the path seemed impossible to conquer, but two Swedish Vikings never gives up.



Thank God we’re stubborn! We found an amazing viewpoint and people with whom we shared this extraordinary experience of watching the sunrise over Mt. Bromo.


Since we hiked up during darkness, coming down the mountain offered even more stunning views once the sun was up. Absolutely Breathtaking…


After being awake more than 36hours, and experiencing one of the must stunning views and adventures in our life, we treated ourself to an amazing dinner at Java Paragon, to put a perfect end to this fabulous day, which also was Denise’s 25th Birthday.


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