Prambanan Temple

Java, Indonesia 17th of May Prambanan3DSCN5012PrambananDSCN5071DCIM105GOPROPrambanan1DCIM105GOPRO DCIM105GOPRODCIM105GOPRODSCN5188DCIM105GOPRODSCN5234DSCN5239DSCN5220 Prambanan is a Hindu temple located close to the culture filled town of Yogyakarta, also known as the heart and soul of Java. It is absolutely stunning, as the temple emerge above the tree line as you close in on this wonderful architectural structure. It is a popular attraction, not only because of its power and beauty but also its religious significance. The trick is to head down on the left side of the complex to get a few moments of peace to admire this amazing temple.

Fun side note: Being two white Swedish girls, we got almost as much attention as the temple itself, since for some reason everyone wanted to take a photo with us. At first we were only approached by a few young teenage boys, and simply thought it was just for fun. But then a couple asked for a photo and we immediately thought they wanted us to take a photo of them by the temple. However, that was not at all what interested them, they just wanted a photo with us, temple or no temple, we became the main attraction. Suddenly, more and more people were gathering around, and we spent a good couple of hours, taking pictures with everyone. From old ladies and young children to families and groups of school students, they all wanted a snap with the white chicks. People we’re lining up and we could not believe it, I have never been in so many photos, even Amanda who is used to me being a crazy papparazzi struggled to smile and pose for the last couple of snaps… Quite a weird but fun experience, feeling like a hunted celebrity for an hour or so. Almost got a little sympathy for the rich and famous, who have to happily face this everyday…



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