Stirling Range Part I

Moingup Springs Camping Area / Stirling National Park / South West, WA


Toolbrunup Mountain / 1052m above sea level / difficulty rating 5 out of 6



This hiking, exploring and adventuring thing has really got us hooked. So many new doors have opened once we realised how awesome nature is, and how a view is so much more stunning and gratifying when it requires blood, sweat and tears. It is not just about seeing the world, it is about experiencing the world. (Isn’t that a sophisticated bunch of inspiring words.)

Anyways, we love to travel, which should not be a surprise to those who know us. It is almost an addiction, on which our last pennies are being spent. This little get away was on a tight budget, and with a limited amount of time, but still absolutely amazing. It’s not always about how far you travel. About 6 hours was enough for us to feel like we were on an adventure in another world.

Just above Albany in South West of Australia, the Stirling Range National Park emerge with its stunning mountain ridges and numerous peaks, tickling the clouds.We headed down early Friday morning to this magical place to spend two nights in our three-man tent, in the cozy bush camping area Moingup Springs. Saturday morning we set out to conquer the second highest mountain in the South West, which is one of the most difficult mountains to summit. And they were not kidding when they assigned the difficulty rating on this mountain. When we finally reached the top peak, the first question was “how the heck are we gonna get down from here?”. A long breather and a lot of photos later, we descended down the mountain, and quickly realised that the over enthusiastic idea of climbing another peak that same day was not really viable. We gave our sore legs a rest and headed to Albany where we got a wave from Prince Charles. Random much?



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