What an adventure..

Cambodia, what a stunning country. Filled with such horrifying history, wonderful people, remarkable temples and amazing french colonial architecture. I am in love.


Stirling Range Part I

Moingup Springs Camping Area / Stirling National Park / South West, WA


Toolbrunup Mountain / 1052m above sea level / difficulty rating 5 out of 6



This hiking, exploring and adventuring thing has really got us hooked. So many new doors have opened once we realised how awesome nature is, and how a view is so much more stunning and gratifying when it requires blood, sweat and tears. It is not just about seeing the world, it is about experiencing the world. (Isn’t that a sophisticated bunch of inspiring words.)

Anyways, we love to travel, which should not be a surprise to those who know us. It is almost an addiction, on which our last pennies are being spent. This little get away was on a tight budget, and with a limited amount of time, but still absolutely amazing. It’s not always about how far you travel. About 6 hours was enough for us to feel like we were on an adventure in another world.

Just above Albany in South West of Australia, the Stirling Range National Park emerge with its stunning mountain ridges and numerous peaks, tickling the clouds.We headed down early Friday morning to this magical place to spend two nights in our three-man tent, in the cozy bush camping area Moingup Springs. Saturday morning we set out to conquer the second highest mountain in the South West, which is one of the most difficult mountains to summit. And they were not kidding when they assigned the difficulty rating on this mountain. When we finally reached the top peak, the first question was “how the heck are we gonna get down from here?”. A long breather and a lot of photos later, we descended down the mountain, and quickly realised that the over enthusiastic idea of climbing another peak that same day was not really viable. We gave our sore legs a rest and headed to Albany where we got a wave from Prince Charles. Random much?


Rooftop Bar Hoppin’ in Jakarta

If there is something we love as much as travelling it is impressive rooftop bars and neat cocktails, and Jakarta had quite a bit to offer in that department. Here are a few snaps from the different bars we visited. In terms of a skyline view the La Vue at the Hermitage Hotel, would definitely take the top spot, but the Awan Lounge and BART were amazingly stylish bars with a tad of character, right up our alley.

Eight Lounge, Ritz Carlton Hotel.


Awan Lounge, 9th Floor. Kosenda Hotel


Cloud Lounge, 49th floor.


Skye Bar, 56th Floor


La Vue, The Hermitage Hotel.


BART, Bar at the Rooftop, Artotel.


Borobudur – Dieng Plateau – Merapi

18th of May 2015 – One of the best days of our lives, filled with breathtaking views and extraordinary experiences…

Sunrise at Borobudur Temple


Dieng Plateau

DCIM105GOPRODP2 DP1DSC_7040DSC_7050DSCN5341 copy

Merapi Volcano

DSC_7100 Merapi2DSC_7138DSC_7182DSC_7164DSC_7173DSC_7239DSC_7254DSC_7247

There is so much to say about this extraordinary day, that I don’t know where to start. Therefore, I shall leave it to the photos to tell the story of one of the best days of our lives.

Prambanan Temple

Java, Indonesia 17th of May Prambanan3DSCN5012PrambananDSCN5071DCIM105GOPROPrambanan1DCIM105GOPRO DCIM105GOPRODCIM105GOPRODSCN5188DCIM105GOPRODSCN5234DSCN5239DSCN5220 Prambanan is a Hindu temple located close to the culture filled town of Yogyakarta, also known as the heart and soul of Java. It is absolutely stunning, as the temple emerge above the tree line as you close in on this wonderful architectural structure. It is a popular attraction, not only because of its power and beauty but also its religious significance. The trick is to head down on the left side of the complex to get a few moments of peace to admire this amazing temple.

Fun side note: Being two white Swedish girls, we got almost as much attention as the temple itself, since for some reason everyone wanted to take a photo with us. At first we were only approached by a few young teenage boys, and simply thought it was just for fun. But then a couple asked for a photo and we immediately thought they wanted us to take a photo of them by the temple. However, that was not at all what interested them, they just wanted a photo with us, temple or no temple, we became the main attraction. Suddenly, more and more people were gathering around, and we spent a good couple of hours, taking pictures with everyone. From old ladies and young children to families and groups of school students, they all wanted a snap with the white chicks. People we’re lining up and we could not believe it, I have never been in so many photos, even Amanda who is used to me being a crazy papparazzi struggled to smile and pose for the last couple of snaps… Quite a weird but fun experience, feeling like a hunted celebrity for an hour or so. Almost got a little sympathy for the rich and famous, who have to happily face this everyday…


Surabaya – Mt Bromo

Java, Indonesia 15-16 May 2015

Just an hour after we for the first time set a foot on the Indonesian island Java, we got lost on the streets of Surabaya.DSCN4424DSCN4479surabayaDSCN4465

With some help from locals we found our way out of this culture filled maze of tiny streets and homes in the city slum. We headed back to our hotel to devour our first Bintang and a proper Indonesian dish, while discussing the adventures ahead. First one being a hike through darkness to experience a stunning sunrise over an active vulcano.


 We put on our hiking gear, had a delicious Singapore Sling and off we went for a great adventure. It was a bumpy ride, it took us about 4 hours from Surabaya to Cemoro Lawang. We got out of the car around 2am to begin our three hours hike. It was pitch dark and bloody freezing! We powered away and began our ascend towards the viewpoint. It started off with a descent pathway but soon it became a ridiculous steep climbing route. At one point the path seemed impossible to conquer, but two Swedish Vikings never gives up.



Thank God we’re stubborn! We found an amazing viewpoint and people with whom we shared this extraordinary experience of watching the sunrise over Mt. Bromo.


Since we hiked up during darkness, coming down the mountain offered even more stunning views once the sun was up. Absolutely Breathtaking…


After being awake more than 36hours, and experiencing one of the must stunning views and adventures in our life, we treated ourself to an amazing dinner at Java Paragon, to put a perfect end to this fabulous day, which also was Denise’s 25th Birthday.


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